Best automatic hand operated agarbatti incense round bamboo stick making machine for sale at low manufacturer price in India 

High capacity hand operated agarbatti bamboo round stick making machine for sell best price

Model:- Yukti 79 Best automatic hand operated agarbatti incense round bamboo stick making machine for sale low manufacturer price in India. 

Hello dear if you want to start an Agarbatti Bamboo round Stick Making business in India then you select the right business. Bamboo round sticks have high demand in India so making round sticks is really good business for India. Bamboo Stick Making Machine is a set of 5 machines which means it's a production line. It's called Hand Operated Bamboo Stick Making Machine. We are selling all Bamboo Stick Making machines at a low-cost price. Our identity is Reasonable price, prompt support, and High quality. we offer 365 Days of Support. Yuktiraj Pvt ltd is a professional machinery production company that mainly designs, manufactures also sells dhoop batti making machines, Agarbatti Making Machine, Bamboo Round Stick dryer machines, Wood Processing Machines, Packing Machines etc, providing high-quality machines also the best service. Its best Hand Operated Agarbatti Bamboo Round Stick Making Machine. If you're interested in an Automatic round Bamboo Stick Making Machine, greet to inquire me for more details and videos sincerely. this bamboo round stick-making machine is high-speed plant energy saving environmentally friendly. the final product is perfect as per data it work with any high-speed agarbatti making machine so it has good demand in the market get more order from your customer if you produce bamboo stick by a local deshi made agarabatti bamboo round stick making machine then output quality is very bad and no one buys this stick. if you want success in this business we recommended buy only this line it's a little costly but good for business. if you need more capacity then contact us we have another big round bamboo stick-making machine.  Click on the below product catalogs button.

Technical Details

Split Machine Function:- Split The Round Bamboo To Small Strips. Split Machine Power (KW):- 3.0. Split Machine Dimension (Mm) :- 3000*950*1200. Split Machine Weight (Kg):- 530.  Bamboo Slicer Machine Function:- Remove The Knot, Peel. Set The Width And Thickness Of The Bamboo Slicer. Bamboo Slicer Machine Power (KW):- 3.0. Bamboo Slicer Machine Dimension (Mm):- 1180*680*1100. Bamboo Slicer Machine Weight (Kg):- 260. Filament Shaping Machine Function:- Make The Flakers Into The Rough Filament Shape. Filament Shaping Machine Power (KW):- 9.1. Filament Shaping Machine Dimension (Mm):- 1020*690*1050. Filament Shaping Machine Weight (Kg):- 400. Sharping Machine Function:- To Make The Sharp Of The Skewer. Sharping Machine Power (KW):- 1.65. Sharping Machine Dimension (Mm) :- 1400*700*950.  Sharping  Machine Weight (Kg):- 180. Tool Sharper Machine Function:- To Grind The Knife Of The Machines. Tool Sharper Machine Power (KW):- 0.37. Tool Sharper  Machine Dimension (Mm):- 450*400*870. Tool Sharper  Sharping  Machine Weight (Kg):- 50.  Model:- YUKTI 079. Voltage:- AC 380V /50HZ (60HZ). Diameter Of Output Stick:-1.3~4mm. Power Consumption All Machine:-12kw/H. Production Capacity:- 200-300 Kg/8H Dried. Usage:- Round Bamboo Stick Making. Ratio:- Usually 100 Kg Fresh Bamboo Can Get Dry Skewer 18-25 Kg. Production Capacity:- 8 Hours About 300,000 Pices Usually Its 2.5 Mm. The Production Line Workers:- Need 4-6 Workers To Operate. Raw Material: Fresh Bamboo Under 30 Days. Warranty:- One Year. Service:- Online. Shipping:- All India Free. Usage / Application:- for round bamboo stick making.

Price:- 17,90,000  + 18% GST 3,22,200  Total Payable:- 21,12,200 

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