Here are 2 Best High Speed Scrap Wire Cable Copper Scrap Wire Stripping Stripper Cutting Machine For Sale cheap manufacturer Price in india | copper wire chilne ki machine

Best high speed scrap wire cable copper scrap wire stripping stripper cutting machine

Model:- Yukti 167 High Speed Scrap Wire Cable Copper Scrap Wire Stripping Stripper Cutting Machine | best wire chilne ki machine.

Cable Stripping Machine is an electrically operated machine. It Pushes wire automatically stripping cutting machine, and collects copper from a waste wire. just need hold by laborers under the electric mode operator just need to adjust the knifes also gears, and then the machine can strip wire automatically. Cable Stripping Machine is mostly used to recover a variety of cables and wires. Like electronic wire, double core, single core wire, car wires, rubber-insulated lead sheathed also armored cable. Designed with hand cranks also drill-driven technologies this electric wire stripping machine is easy simple and safe to operate. Comparing the diameters of the wires with the feeding holes on the machine feeds the wires one piece at one time. Before feeding the wires, please cut off the head of the wires, to keep away from gaps caused to the blades. It's high a class fast-speed scrap wire stripping machine. Superpower Saving wire scrap machine. Yuktiraj Pvt Ltd is a Professional manufacturer and import Export Company 4 years rich experience, ISO quality assurance, Prompt Engineer team technical support, and quick delivery, We offer 365 days of prompt support. 1-year warranty. Application: this wire Scrap stripping machine is Suitable for processing a variety of cables with a diameter in the range of 1.5 ~ 38 mm, like aluminum wire, can process single-core copper wire, twin cores copper wire electric copper wire, metal cables and etc. wire stripping machines principle is to peel off the plastic on the outside of the copper wire by two axial pressure cutting with a blade, copper recovery rate is as high as 98.90%. Advantage: 1. this machine is easy simple to operate and convenient to carry. 2. Cost-effective machine and suitable for the industry also personal usage. 3. Super high power saving. 4. Safe for the operator. 5. High-speed working large output. wire chilne ki machine. For more watch, the below video and read the product Catalogue. If you need any kind assist then feel free to contact us. Beware of the duplicated machine. 

Technical Details

Model:- Yukti-167.  Wire Range:- 1.5mm-38mm. Machine Power:- 0.375kw/0.5hp. Stripping Speed:- 20m/Min. Voltage:-  220/380v. Dimensions:- 580*280*370mm. Weight:- 38kg. Blade Materials:- Spring Steel. Blade Quantity:- 10pieces. Feeding Holes:- 11 Holes. Warranty:- One Year. Warranty Provider:- Yuktiraj Pvt Ltd. Shipping:- All India Free. Service:- online. Usage / Application:- for copper scrap cable wire stripping.

Price:- 59,000 ₹ + 18% Gst  10,620 ₹ Total Payable 69,620 ₹.

Best horizontal high-speed scrap wire cable copper scrap wire stripping cutting stripper machine equipment

Model:- Yukti 284 horizontal high-speed scrap wire cable copper scrap wire stripping cutting stripper machine equipment | wire chilne wali machine. 

Yukti-284 high-speed scrap wire cable copper scrap wire stripping cutting stripper machine equipment it is used for separating plastic and core wire recovered copper and aluminum its a horizontal model that is more successful than other vertical models. Advantage: 1. eleven holes and ten blades for easy access to any kind of wire or cable from the smallest to the largest. 2. Eleven different guides guarantee the machining of all types of cable wire with variable diameters from 1.5 mm to 38 mm. 3. Cable Recycling Scrap Shredder Separating Machine automatically adjusts itself. 4. The blades also rollers rotate together at the same time using the gear so that the cable wire does not slip. 5. The springs are adjustable to give the right cutting pressure Include an emergency stop button for operator safety. 6. 100% treatment effect, easily stripped, sharp blade, stable also durable, high efficiency, handling various wires, small area, nice appearance, stable working performance, 7. Energy-saving, Pure copper motor, more motivated, faster heat debauchery, also running smoothly 8. This Cable wire recycling machine is easy to use, portable, energy-saving, and has good looks, just like the standard stripper machine usage. 9. Easy operation and easy maintenance, High efficiency, and low power consumption. 10. High-quality automatic scrap wire cable stripper cable stripping machine. It’s the most excellent High-Speed Scrap Wire Cable Copper Scrap Wire Stripping Stripper Cutting Machine Equipment Best Price For Sale. Our company advantage: 1. We are a professional supplier with 4 years experience. 2. We are an Indian government-registered ISO-certified company 0% fraud guarantee. 3. We offer nonstop 365 days support. 4. One-year warranty all India free shipping. 5. We help you with installation also training. Beware of the duplicated machine. Click below the product catalogs button. 

Technical Details

Model:- Yukti-284.  Output:- 50-150kg/day. Wire Range:- 1.5mm - 38mm. Machine Power:-  370W/750W. Voltage:-  110/220V. Dimensions:- 65X32X42cm. Weight:- 38kg. Blade Materials:- Spring Steel. Blade Quantity:- 11pieces. Feeding Holes:- 7 Holes. Warranty:- One Year. Warranty Provider:- Yuktiraj Pvt Ltd. Shipping:- All India Free. Service:- Online. Usage / Application:- for copper scrap wire cable stripping.

Price:- 59,000 + 18% Gst  10,620  Total Payable 69,620 

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