Best stainless steel scrubber making manufacturing machine for sale low manufacturer Price in india

Stainless Steel Scrubber Making Manufacturing Machine 6 Wire 6 Ball Best Price In India

Model:- Yukti 57 stainless steel scrubber making manufacturing machine 6 wire 6 ball manufacturer low Price In India.

Here we are Yuktiraj Pvt Ltd giving an Introduction to our stainless steel scrubber manufacturing machine best price in India. The stainless steel scrubber machine has good compatibility and can produce scourers with stainless steel wire, copper wire, iron wire and galvanized wire, etc. The stainless steel scrubber machine is operated by 6 wires and 6 balls, which means high production treble scourers and a single person in automation procedures such as wire feeding, forging pressing, planning and numerical control, etc. In a word, the entire machine has good coordination of precision, excellent transmission, speed radio, also control. Here Stainless Steel Scrubber-making machine technology is an advanced, simple operation, and has a high degree of automation. it can produce balls with a variety also attractive appearances. Mainly important is the high yield, save electricity, saving employees. With longer life, longer performance, reasonable price, stable operation, and fewer noises it is special. Environmental protection Constant working fully automatic advantages structure pollution-free. Highly decreases the defective index and improves efficiency. The performance also outputs of the Stainless Steel Scrubber Making Manufacturing Machine takes the lead in similar machine type in the world. It is courageous enough to compete with any Stainless Steel Scrubber Making Manufacturing Machine. If you want to run a successful scrubber manufacturing business then you need a stronger machine that’s your business mail player. If you bought a local desi jugad made machine then it's only a headache nothing else poor performance low output quality because that type of machine is not made after full research and development already thousands of people fail in this business due to low-price stainless steel scrubber manufacturing machine. Our stainless steel scrubber manufacturing machine follows international standard we export this machine to over 30 countries. Our machine is a little high price but it is your real business partner.   Why is Yuktiraj Pvt Ltd best for Stainless Steel Scrubber Making Manufacturing machines? Here are some valid points to note 1. We offer full operations online training. 2. We have a dedicated support system our support is on every day even on holidays. 3. We offer one year warranty and all India free shipping. 4. Our company is passing out the ISO quality management system. 5. We are a leader in steelwork machines in India. 6. We have a high brand reputation you can check Google. 7. We are selling all types of machines that require this business also row materials you do not need to go anywhere. 8. We are a company and give you a 0% fraud guarantee today on the internet thousand of fraudsters surrounding your hard-earned money are safe with us. 9. We are professional in producing and selling Stainless Steel Scrubber Making Manufacturing machines. 10. We have an advanced quality control system also we carefully test every machine before delivery. 11. Online delivery safe delivery is our promise. We welcome people at home and abroad to decide on the Stainless Steel Scrubber Making Manufacturing Machine of our company and will sincerely service you. For more about this machine kindly check the product catalogs button.

Technical Details

Model:- Yukti 057. Raw Material:- Stainless Steel Wire, Copper Coated Wire, Iron Wire, Galvanized Wire, Etc. Capacity:- 15kg/Hour For Spiral Round Scrubber And 14kg/Hour For Flat Scrubber. Wire Diameter:- 0.13mm. Voltage:- 220v/380v. Scrubber Size:- 10g To 50g. Operation:- One Person. Control System:- Frequency Conversion. Weight:- 280kg. Dimension:- 1150*850*1150mm. Power:- 2.2Kw. Warranty:- One Year. Service:- Online. Shipping:- All India Free. Usage / Application:- for making stainless steel scrubber.  

Price:- 390000  + 18% GST 70200  Total Payable:- 460200 .

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