Baby Diaper Nappy Making Manufacturing Production Line Machine For Sale Best Price In India  

Baby diaper nappy making manufacturing production line machine for sale best price

Model:- Yukti 147. Baby Diaper Nappy Making Manufacturing Production Line Machine For Sale Best Price In India.

Model Yuki-147. Baby Diaper Nappy Making Manufacturing Production Line Machine For Sale Best Price. We are Yuktiraj Pvt Ltd we sell all type of diaper-making machine that is proper for manufacturing kind of diaper shapes with different raw materials for adult or baby. We sell Baby Diaper machines in different shapes I shape, T-shape, pull-up pants, etc. All machines have production capacity. We already give all details in a pdf file just click on the product catalog button. Product structure SAP cotton core, top(bottom) tissue paper, ADL, back sheet, spandex frontal tape, top shee NW, S cut, hydrophobic NW (leg cuff), elastic waistband online. PLC control system, Operating on the touch screen, full HDTV monitor. Drive system Full servo drive, ensure, digital size change, run synchronized at full process. The front tape and back sheet use servo positioning cutting to make certain patterns consistent with the phase. Tension system Top tissue paper, bottom tissue paper, hydrophobic nonwoven (leg cuff), top non-woven, ADL, back sheet, elastic nonwoven are adopted A&B shaft active unwinding by inverter motor. Safety guard installed at the with operating side, security identifier, urgent situation stop switch at per segment, Driven side is equipped with the radiator system also safety wire. keep note of its high-end and high-speed Baby Diaper Nappy Making Manufacturing Production Line Machine. it's costly but it makes your business more profitable and more simple. the output quality is really super and good looking is easy to sell and customers like it. if you buy a local desi jugad-made baby diaper-making machine then the output quality is poor and very hard to sell in the market. why this machine is costly? this machine is the highest-end technology version all part and plc control is made in Japan. highest casting and roller used in this machine. less wastage more profitable. if you want a bit competitor then this Baby Diaper Nappy Making Manufacturing Production Line is best for you. if you have no budget then we suggest you don't enter this business because small business is not successful in baby diaper manufacturing. why YUKTIRAJ PVT LTD is Best for Baby Diaper Nappy Making Manufacturing Production Line Machines? We are India's leading b2b company we sell all big types of manufacturing plants in India. we have a lot of experience in business worldwide import and export. we select the best factories from the world for the business requirement we have a large network for business sourcing. we are the mediator between you and the factory which results in you getting good service from the factory because we are a business customer for the factory almost the factory not doing the best care of the end customer but we are a business customer for a factory that result in factory gives you the best service. also importing from anywhere is not child's play its Hercules's work we have a good shipment management team all shipments go safely. for more about this Baby Diaper Nappy Making Manufacturing Production Line click on the product catalog button or feel free to touch with us.    

Technical Parameters:-

Model:- Yukti-147. Design Speed:- 600 Pcs/Minute. Working Speed:- 500 Pcs/Minute. Qualified Rate:- ≥ 97% Exclude The Wastage Due To The Glue Applicators And Materials Splicing Joint. Efficiency:- ≥ 85%.  Installation Capacity:- >=230KW. Electricity:- 380V ±5% 50HZ.  Wire:- Three Phases Four Wires 380V/50Hz (Ground Wire) 3x120mm³+1x50mm³+1x25mm³ 3*120mm3+1*50mm3+1*25mm3. Air Pressure:- ≥0.8Mpa 2.6m³/Min. Total Weight:- About 85 tons. Machine Size:- 32×8×5 M(L×W×H). Working Space:- 38×12×8 M (L×W×H). Machine Color:- Rice White. Service:- Online. Shipping:- All India Free. Usage / Application:- for making baby diaper nappy.

Price:- 92500000  + GST 18% 16650000  Total Payable 109150000 

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