Best small 12v volt dc mini micro high pressure volume dc air vacuum pump reasonable price all range 12v available

Model Yukti 182 Best small 12v volt dc mini micro high pressure volume dc air vacuum pump reasonable price all range 12v available.

Our company offers multiple component alignments allowing pumps to be used for either vacuum operation or pressure operation, or alternating vacuum also pressure operations. The advanced compact design integrates leading-edge technologies that allow it to operate harder, longer quieter reliable, highly efficient. We use imported ball bearing the pump’s performance is stable also high. This pump is used in Electronic products, agriculture, and finishing, light industry products, Chemical, and production engineering, Analytical instruments, mobile waterproofing machine manufacturing, etc. These product details are available in the product catalog to click the below button or contact us. If you need a different type of pump then contact us and tell your requirement we sell all type pump. Our company is iso certified government register. Working since 2019. We offer 365 days of fast support. Its Best small 12v volt dc mini micro high pressure volume dc air vacuum pump at a reasonable price. 

Technical specifications:-

Model:- Yukti 182. Horsepower:- 13w. Voltage:-12v dc. Air Flow rate:- 18 LPM. Brush or brushless:- brush. Materials:- PPS or PC, Nylon, Nylon with fiber, Hardware, rubber. Working way:- Continuous or intermittent. Vacuum and pressure:- -80Kpa vacuum and 270Kpa airflow pressure. Structure:- Diaphragm Pump. Outlet Size:- 6.5mm. Power:- 2A. Weight:- 300g. Color:- grey. Size (mm):- 86*70*56. Shipping:- all India free.

Price 1500 Rs + 18% GST 270 Rs payable 1770 Rs.

Model:- Yukti 265~270 High quality 12v volt dc mini micro high pressure high volume air and gas pump suction.   

A vacuum pump has the following advantages:- compact structure, maintenance-free, corrosion resistance, high pressure, high flow, low noise, oil-free, low power consumption, long life also other characteristics. We offer offers multiple component configurations allowing the pump to be used for pressure operation, vacuum operation, or alternating vacuum also pressure operations. The innovative, compact design incorporates leading-edge technologies that allow it to operate harder, reliable, highly efficient, quieter, and longer. Applications:- 1. Electronic products are finishing, and light industry products. 2. All Analytical instruments. 3. Chemical also production engineering. 4. A range of ancillary equipment. 5. Cnc machine and mobile waterproof machine. Our company benefits- 1. We are professional in producing pumps, 2. On-time delivery.  3. 356-day prompt support. 4. We make only High-quality products. 5. Quality tested product for long life.  6. Our company is the leading and biggest manufacturer also imports export specializing in various DC micro pump and fluid comprehensive solutions in India. 7. Our products comply with the RoHS, EU Directive also REACH regulations, and some of our products have NSF, and WARS approval. For more click on the PRODUCT CATALOGUE button or feel free to contact us we are forever happy to help you.

Price Any One Model Yukti 265~270:- 1500 Rs + 18% GST 270 Rs Payable 1770 Rs.

Model:- Yukti 271 12V-6V micro high flow air pressure diaphragm oil free piston vacuum pump.

Model:- Yukti 271 12V-6V micro high flow air pressure diaphragm oil-free piston vacuum pump. Features:- 1. High-temperature performance, good consistency 2. Oil resistance and easy installation. 4. Long life span, low heat. 5. Heavy-duty for 24 hours Continuous work. 6. The key parts are imported. 7. Can work for long hours. 8. Maintenance-free, compact structure, oil-free, low power consumption, corrosion resistance. Applications:- 1. Household applications: white goods, small appliances, automatic window opening, floor cleaning robots, fans, electric screens, vacuum cleaners, and smart home systems. 2. Medical applications: surgical tools, medical agitators, medical pumps, sphygmomanometers, centrifuges. 3. Power tools: vacuum pump, oxygen generator, electric drill, air pump, water pump, electric screwdriver. 4. Commercial equipment: printers, projectors, scanners, copiers, shredders cash registers, vending machines. 5. Personal care: beauty product, hair curler, hair dryer, electric shaver, steam hair straightened. 6. Health field: adult toy, massager. 7. Security field: camera, surveillance system, safe. 8. Industrial applications: printing equipment, robotic arms, automation equipment, mobile waterproof machine, CNC machine, etc. 9. Other applications: electronic door locks, toys, smart cars, boats, intelligent wear, smart switches, robots, electronics, DIY, etc. Yuktiraj Pvt ltd is a professional R & D, production and sales of micro pump enterprises. With a wide range of product reliability, our products have won the trust of many customers in India. Providing customers with the best solutions is our first duty. We offer super fast support for our customers. For more about this product please read below product catalog button. If or need any help then call us we are always happy to help you.

Technical Specifications:-

Model:- Yukti 271. Brush Or Brushless:- Brush. Materials:- PPS Or PC, Nylon, Nylon With Fiber, Hardware, Rubber. Working Way:- Continuous Or Intermittent. Structure:- Diaphragm Pump. Outlet Size:- 8.5mm. Color:- Grey Or Black. Size (mm):- 43.6*87*112. Voltage (v/DC):- 6V/9V/12V/24V. Power (w) :- 33. Free Flow (l/M):- 45. Max. Vacuum (kpa):- 85. Max Pressure (Kpa):- 500. Certification:- Rohs, Ce, Reach, ISO. Structure:- Piston Pump. Shipping:- All India Free.

Price Model Yukti 271 :- 3,900 Rs + 18% Gst 702 Rs Payable 4,602 Rs. 

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